The "Artist of the Year" Award was originally titled the "Jack Williams Memorial Award" in memory of Artist, Jack Williams. Jack Williams was a very fine impressionist oil painter, predominantly of landscapes.  Jack was one of the first Idyllwild Artists to join AAI and supported all of its events.  He received the very first "Artist of the Year" Award.  The now simply titled "Artist of the Year" Award is presented to the winning Artist at the annual members meeting.

The Winner is determined by points gained over a total of 2-3 judged shows per year.

On this page, we feature artwork from some of the winning Artists.

Congratulations to Art Tobias, the AAI's 2019 ARTIST OF THE YEAR

Left:  Bust of George Appel

Above:  Art making magic with clay

Right Top: Landscape Bowl Oak Galls

Right Bottom:  "Yves Montana" 

"Winter Quail" by Bruce Watts,             Artist of the Year 2018

"Untamed" by Cher Townsend,             Artist of the Year 2017

"Dreaming of Tahitian Sunsets" by Kathy Harmon-Luber,  Artist of the Year 2012


You must be an Artist Member in good standing of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild.  Click here to Join or Renew Membership!

The Artwork submitted is original art created by you, does not violate any copyrights, and is not subject to any third party intellectual property rights.


Judging will be a blind process (artists' names will be covered during the judging period) and entries will be judged on a point system based on four categories:  2D, 3D, Photography and Wearable Art.  The judge's decisions are final.

Entries not submitted by the deadline or in a form that is required by the contest will not be considered.

The copyright to Artwork is retained by the Artist; however, AAI may reproduce said Art for the purpose of showcasing the Artist in future marketing materials.

Click here for Standard Criteria for Judging Art

Point Calculation

Point values for each award are:

1st Place - 40 Best of Show - 40 Honorable Mention - 15

2nd Place - 30 Best Theme - 40

Third Place - 20 People's Choice  - 40

The type of award is at the discretion of the AAI Board of Directors.

Winners of the Artist of the Year Award

2019 - Art Tobias 2008 - Gwen Novak

2018 - Bruce Watts 2007 - Ali Shavali

2017 - Cher Townsend 2006 - Elena Kern

2015-2016 - No Award 2005 - Elena Kern

2014 - TIED:  Gwen Novak & Jonathan Wiltshire 2004 - Dore Capitani

2013 - Fariad 2003 - Dentawa Manoi

2012 - Kathy Harmon-Luber 2002 - Trish Tuley

2011 - Norman Deesing 2001 - Helen Haskell Molles

2010 - Ethan Steward 2000- Lorel Cornman

2009 - Rachel Welch 1999 - Jack Williams

 "Out of the Depths" by Trish Tuley                   Artist of the Year 2002

"Duttons Place" by Fariad,                      Artist of the Year 2013

"Untitled" by Dore Capitani,                        Artist of the Year 2004

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