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Quarterly Board Meetings are open by choice of the Board of Directors.  Agenda item requests from non-board members should be sent in writing to artinidyllwild@gmail.com.  Executive sessions are closed to the public. To request the date of next board meeting, email artinidyllwild@gmail.com or click on this link 2020 Quarterly Board Meeting Dates

2020 Minutes and Documents

January 21, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes .pdf

January 2020 Membership Report.pdf

Quarterly Treasurer’s Report for October-December 2019 copy.pdf

Reed Foundation Grant Projects.pdf

2020 Annual Member Meeting Minutes on 3-11-20.pdf

Financial Report for Annual Member Meeting.pdf

April 21, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

April 2020 Quarterly Membership Report.pdf

Quarterly Treasurer’s Report for January-April, 2020.pdf

May 30, 2020 Special Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

July 8, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

Quarterly Treasurer’s Report for July, 2020.pdf

July 2020 Quarterly Membership Report.pdf

Press Release about the 2020 Art Walk and Wine Tasting.doc

2019 Minutes and Documents

January 31, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

January 2019 Membership Report.pdf

2019 Annual Member Meeting.pdf


Overview of 2018 Events.pdf

No February 2019 Meeting due to poor weather conditions and road closures

March 14, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

March 2019 Membership Report copy.pdf

April 18, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

April 2019 Membership Report.pdf

Quarterly Treasurer’s Report for January-March 2019.pdf

May 23, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

May 2019 Membership Report.pdf

June 25, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

June 2019 Membership Report.pdf

Quarterly Treasurer’s Report for April-June, 2019.pdf

Minutes of the August 6, 2019 Board Meeting.pdf

August 2019 Membership Report copy.pdf

September 24, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

September 2019 Membership Report.pdf

Quarterly Treasurer’s Report for August-September, 2019.pdf

October 22, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

October 2019 Membership Report.pdf

November 19, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

November 2019 Membership Report.pdf

2018 Minutes and Documents

January 19 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

January 2018 Membership Report.pdf

Treasurer’s Report for 2018 January and for Annual Meeting.pdf

Annual Members Meeting Agenda and Deer Herd Project Update.pdf

Minutes of the Annual Member Meeting on February 17, 2018.pdf

Financial Overview for the Annual Member Meeting.pdf

February 23, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

March 23, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

Treasurer’s Report for March 23, 2018 Board Meeting.pdf

March 2018 Membership Report.pdf

April 26, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

April 2018 Membership Report.pdf

May 24, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

May 2018 Membership Report.pdf

PAINTED DEER PROJECT update 5-24-18.pdf

June 14, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

Treasurers Report as at May 31, 2018.pdf

June 2018 Membership Report.pdf

July 15, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

July 2018 Membership Report.pdf

August 24, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

August 2018 Membership Report.pdf

September 21, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

September 2018 Membership Report.pdf

Consolidated Treasurer’s Report for June.pdf

October 30, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

October 2018 Membership Report.pdf

Treasurer’s Report for October, 2018.pdf

November 29, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

November 2018 Membership Report copy.pdf

December 14, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

December 2018 Membership Report copy.pdf

Treasurer’s Report for Nov-Dec, 2018.pdf

2017 Minutes and Documents

AAI December 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

Treasurer’s Report for December Board Meeting.pdf

December 2017 Membership Report.pdf

November 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

October 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf

AAI Membership Report October 2017.pdf

October 7, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes .pdf

October 2, 2017 Special Meeting to Amend Bylaws.pdf

AAI Meeting Minutes September 29, 2017 .pdf

AAI Meeting Minutes August 25, 2017.pdf

Treasurer’s Report for the August.pdf

August 2017 Membership Report.pdf

AAI Meeting Minutes July 21, 2017.pdf


AAI Board Meeting Minutes - May 20th, 2017

AAI_Coopersmith letter about financial review_May20_2017 (1).pdf

Treasurer Report 5-18-17 final.pdf

Special Meeting April 28, 2017.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes April 22, 2017.pdf

Press Release - April 2017 AAI Board Changes.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2017.pdf

Treasurer Report 4-15-17.pdf

Guide for Charity Reference Sections.pdf

AAI Special Board Meeting Minutes, (Revised) March 29, 2017
AAI Minutes Board Meeting March 18,2017.pdf

Treasurer Report 3-18-17.pdf

AAI Minutes Annual Meeting March 3, 2017.pdf

Annual Meeting Financial Presentation - 2017 Annual Mtg.pdf

Event Handout for Annual Meeting.pdf

Membership Handout - 2017 AAI Annual Meeting.pdf

Feb 25 2017 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

Treasurer Report 2-25-17.pdf

January 28 2017 Special Bylaws Meeting Notes.pdf

Jan 7 2017 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

Treasurer Report 1-7-17.pdf

2016 Minutes and Documents

Dec 10 2016 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

2017 Estimated Operating Costs.pdf

Nov 19 2016 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

Oct 29 2016 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

Sept 23 2016 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

Aug 13 2016 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

July 9 2016 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

June 26 2016 Special Meeting Notes.pdf

June 18, 2016 Board Meeting Notes.pdf

Board Meeting MInutes May 14 2016.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes April 15, 2016.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes March 5 2016.pdf

ART Alliance of Idyllwild Resolution with logo.pdf

Meeting Minutes Annual Member Meeting 2-26-16.pdf

2016 Annual Meeting Agenda - Handout.pdf

7 Minute Brainstorming Sess.pdf

2015 Financial Snapshot for Annual Meeting.pdf

Minutes February 20 2016.pdf

Minutes January 23 2016.pdf

Minutes January 9,2016 Special Meeting.pdf

Final Bylaws dated - SIGNED.pdf

2015 Minutes and Documents (Note:  No December Meeting)

Minutes November 21 Board Meeting.pdf

Treasurer Report - for November 21, 2015 Board Meeting.pdf

Press Release - AAI Funding.pdf

October 24, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes 

Treasurer Report - for October 24 2015 Board Meeting

September 19 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf 

Art Walk and Wine Tasting Summary as of 9-15-15.pdf

AAI Scholarship Update.pdf

Membership Report 18 September 2015.pdf

Treasurer Report - for September 19, 2015 Board Meeting.pdf


Board Meeting Minutes - August 22 2015.pdf

Art Walk and Wine Tasting Summary as of 8-20-15.pdf

FACEBOOK SUMMARY August 22, 2015.pdf

Membership Summary - August 22nd, 2015.pdf

Treasurer Report - for August 22 2015 Board Meeting.pdf

7/25/2015 Board Mtg

7/25/2015 Treasurer Report

7/25/2015 Membership Report

6/3/15 Board Mtg

6/3/15 Treasurer Report

5/16/15 Member Mtg 

5/16/15 Board Mtg 

Copies of 990EZ Tax Documents by Year 

The following two 3rd-party links post 990's for nonprofits.  

2015 990  http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/742/742952187/742952187_201512_990EZ.pdf


AAI_Coopersmith letter about financial review_May20_2017 (1).pdf

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