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  JUDY HOYT (Secretary)

I want to serve on the Art Alliance of Idyllwild board of directors for many reasons.  First, serving the community of Idyllwild especially in terms of enhancing art programs and events would be both challenging and rewarding for me. Second, I have always been involved in arts programs during my adult life. Third, my communications skill set would be complimentary to the ongoing work that has paved the way for the great contributions Art Alliance has provided.  Lastly, I've made some wonderful new friends and artists with whom I look forward to becoming more involved.

My association with the Art Alliance of Idyllwild began several years ago when I participated in the events, especially the Art Walk! I am currently on the board of the Barbara Sinatra Center for Abused Children in Rancho Mirage and have served in this capacity for the past 7 years. During the 1990s, I was a founder of the Inner City Arts for Inner City Kids in Los Angeles. This program now provides art education to thousands of children in Los Angeles, who otherwise would not be exposed to art at all.

This year I volunteered to help with the exhibition at the Middle Ridge Winery and entered the exhibit as a member of the Alliance. This is how I began as a participant rather than just an observer. I'm impressed with the work that has been done so far, especially the expansion of art programs and the fund raising that provides help for up and coming artists. I would welcome the opportunity to help expand these efforts in any way that the organization can utilize me and the enthusiasm that I have for art in Idyllwild.



MARTHA LUMIA (Membership Co-Chair)


(Details Pending)

  ROB PADILLA (Gallery & Art Hot Spot Co-Chair)

Idyllwild, being centrally located, draws a lot of creative folk.  There's no city buzz, so you can enjoy your own connection to yourself without outside interference.  It feels pretty good.

I'm adding new ideas, new motivation to the scene, with opportunities that have a lot of impact on how this art community recognized town for an art excursion.  We're nestled in a pretty nice hotbed region.


JACQUE SWERDFEGER (Membership Co-Chair)

I am an artist. I taught myself to paint while living an isolated existence in the outback of Australia. After six years, I returned home and honed my art skills by studying under a mentor then taking various workshops and classes as time would allow.

I am a retired teacher, a Resource Specialist, focusing in the area of Special Education for over 23 years. In addition I taught piano for over 10 years and gave art lessons to senior adults who were homebound for medical reasons. I developed a curriculum and taught a class in life skills at a community college for adults with mental challenges. I worked in the ARC industries applied for, then trained clients in the work required, for the government contracts we were awarded. I was a mentor teacher, presented workshops and taught classes for teachers in training through San Diego State University.

I am also a lifelong learner, both in academics and in the arts. My passion to expand my knowledge and painting skills is what lead me to Idyllwild over 16 years ago. I was drawn to this area through the art classes in the Summer Program of Idyllwild Arts. Once here, I fell in love with Idyllwild, purchased a home and have lived here full time ever since.

I bring to the table a variety of experience in community service including: service as an elementary school board member, parent leadership role on school committees, membership on various county committees for Special Education, member of the first Lemon Lily Restoration Committee, member of various church governing boards, and being a volunteer  for other civic and community groups.

I look forward to working with the other board members of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild.

  SHANNA ROBB (Treasurer, Past President)

The AAI Board has a great opportunity to connect with our most valuable asset – our members! When members are informed, they become inspired and involved…AND creativity along with collaboration soars. This mindset originally put Idyllwild on the map as one of the top art towns in the country and is an equation for success.

I have been honored to be part of the AAI leadership team since May 2015. As a group we have taken time to reflect, review, and rebuild.  We continue to focus on creating healthy communication aimed to rally our members, business partners, and tourists around our mission.  As I look at my time serving the organization, I believe we are leaving a positive water mark on Idyllwild.

I am connected with Idyllwild and the AAI not only as a leader, but foremost as an artist (  I have owned in Idyllwild for 20+ years and have experienced firsthand the support of our community. My first experience with the AAI was as the painted Deer Sightings Project Chair.  Professionally I owned a Professional Organizing business for 13 years ( and have been a Training Manager for companies like Disney and American Golf. I bring to the table my business and training background and recognize the potential of the AAI. This is a chapter of possibility and I am honored to be part of the leadership.


I was born into a lower middle class family in Brooklyn,  N.Y.  At the age of 13, I needed places to go, as I ditched school almost everyday.  That is when my appreciation for all forms of art started to grow. I used to sneak into Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Met, as I developed my appreciation for music and dance. The Gogamhin and Metropolitan Museum of Art, taught me about art.

Later in life I became a teacher and  then a Vice Principal of Vocational Education.  My love of all forms of art has lasted my whole life and I want to pass that love to the next generation.


My wife Michele Marsh attended elementary school in Idyllwild and returned here in the 1990's. I have been visiting Idyllwild for the last 18 years and became a fulltime resident in 2013. In my previous existence, I was civil rights attorney but photography has always been my passion. Since moving up here I have been able to devote my time to pursue my photography. I have been documenting life in Idyllwild examples of which you may have seen on Facebook and in the Town Crier.

The Art Alliance has a very important role to play in the life of this town. I feel it is and it must continue to be a leader in making this town a true haven for creative people. As a member of the new Board I would promote and vitalize our organization's role in creating public art events and expand our services to our members. I also believe accountability of the Board to its members and clear communication is essential for the future of our organization.


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